Big Sky Landscaping specializes in residential and commercial landscape design, installation, and maintenance.
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New Landscaping:

Creative Design
Hardscape Installation
Softscape Installation
Landscape Lighting
Native Reclamation/Restoration


Lawn Care
Native Lawn Care
Plant Health
Horticulture & Gardening
Container Gardens
Noxious Weed Control

Garden Center

Custom Flower Pots
Hanging Flower Baskets
Seasonal Installation
Native & Non-native Flowers
Herbs and Vegetable Plants
Friendly, Helpful Staff

From blueprint to liveable creation, Big Sky homeowners and businesses who dream of spending quality time in their outdoor spaces depend on our excellent communication, high quality of work, depth of services, and responsiveness. Big Sky Landscaping’s team is made up of hard-working landscapers and lawn care experts who care about your outdoor experience, the health of your private landscape, and its place in the Big Sky ecosystem.

Our approach to the work of landscaping is grounded in an appreciation of the natural landscape. We are stewards of beautiful Big Sky, Montana, and by combining aesthetic landscaping design with responsible, sustainable landscaping practices, we can all enjoy a healthier environment as well as the best version of our parks, patios, and backyards.

With years of experience, a dependable team of professionals, and a full-service garden center, we’re known for our creativity, expertise, and hard work. Big Sky Landscaping is locally-owned and community-minded. We are committed to keeping Big Sky beautiful and helping homeowners and businesses conserve resources while enjoying beautiful, healthy outdoor spaces.

As a local landscaping company, we are proud to support Big Sky nonprofits and community projects through the donation of our professional landscaping design and landscaping services, as well as fundraising support, for local causes. Big Sky Landscaping helps create beautiful, functional public spaces such as playgrounds, park paths, and trails, for all to enjoy.

So whether you dream of a lush flower garden and grand patio, or a return to outdoor simplicity and native plants, let’s connect.

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