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Landscaping is a creative process that takes your outdoor space from a blank canvas to a healthy, beautiful work of living art. Big Sky Landscaping integrates elements of artistic design and sustainable landscaping practices into our approach to the design and creation of outdoor spaces.

Beautiful home overlooking the valley below, with lots of stone paver landscaping leading up to the front door

Landscaping Design + Installation Services

Big Sky Landscaping can assist in every step of your landscaping design, bringing your vision from idea to reality. Color, size, season, symmetry and dimension, as well as light exposure, soil conditions, and wind direction are considered when designing your landscape. We offer affordable design packages for a cohesive landscape aesthetic. The option of creating 3D images adds an exciting, practical perspective to the process. Contact us for more information about our landscaping design services.

Retaining walls, dry stack walls, boulder placement, patios, steps, formal walkways and inviting paths are all possible with Big Sky Landscaping. We have the resources to find the perfect color, shape, and size of rock material to fit your project. Every feature is a custom installation that creates harmony between your home or office and the outdoors, creating the perfect getaway in your environment.

Landscapes are not built on stone alone. We consider color, size, season, symmetry, and dimension when planting your landscape. Big Sky Landscaping ensures light exposure, soil conditions, water availability, and wind direction are all taken into account when selecting and placing plant material.

Creative lighting brings a beautiful new dynamic to the outdoor experience, extending function and enjoyment long past those beautiful Montana sunsets. Illuminating an outdoor space will increase your property value, and make a visual impact that offers safety and security. Big Sky Landscaping brings your landscape to life at night with perfectly-placed accent lighting.

Big Sky Landscaping takes pride in adding native plants to your residential or commercial landscape. The use of native trees, shrubs, groundcover, and grasses, which have adapted to local conditions (including climate, geography, hydrology, soil, and other native plants and animals) not only adds rustic beauty to your softscape, but also allows for the use of fewer pesticides and fertilizers and less watering to maintain. Many of the species we use are vigorous and hardy, able to survive winter cold and summer heat.

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